Sterling Silver Running Jewellery Care – Beyond The Medal

Sterling Silver Care & How Our Items Are Made

Follow these simple steps to keep your sterling silver Marathon, Half Marathon or 10km running jewellery looking new:

"Last on, First off"  - Your jewellery should be the last thing that you put on, after beauty products and the very first thing you take off.

Never wear your jewellery whilst swimming or in the shower

Use warm water to clean it, then pat dry

Use the complimentary polish cloth that Beyond The Medal sends with every sterling silver purchase to avoid black markings on your skin or jewellery

Do not store your jewellery in the bathroom. Jewellery can be tarnished by the excessive moisture in your bathroom

Store your jewellery separately, individually in a plastic bag or tarnish-free bag.



We design our own items. After the sketch design is approved professional moulders turn the sketch into a master wax mould. This is a complex level of crafting as the final product depends on the master mould. 
The wax mould is then placed inside a metal flask. The flask is then filled with a mix of plaster and silica referred to as an "investment". The sleeve is then put in a kiln which will burn the wax away leaving the investment which will be the empty mould used for casting.

Silver is then poured into the flasks, allowed to cool, then demolished to reveal the jewellery. Every piece is individually hand polished and smoothed.  Each item is checked before it is sent to us, and we check it again before it is sent to you.

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