Rochelle Vaisanen - Beyond The Medal Ambassador - Brisbane - Queenslan

Rochelle Vaisanen - Beyond The Medal Ambassador - Brisbane - Queensland

My name is Rochelle and I discovered triathlons back in 2013, when a friend started training for an Ironman event.

Rochelle - Beyond The Medal Ambassador Brisbane

I was the occasional runner, hadn't swum since school (except floating around the crystal clear, blue waters of the Aegean coast), and had only ridden city cruiser bikes with big bells *ding ding*. 

But after my first event, a duathlon in the snow, I was hooked. Unfortunately, my Ironman dreams were put on hold when I was diagnosed with breast cancer only a few months later. Being fit, healthy and active prior to my diagnosis gave me the upper hand when facing treatment. Now, with treatment behind me, I am in training for Ironman Cairns 70.3.


I know just how lucky I am to be able to swim, bike and run. Once something is taken away from you, for even a brief moment in time, you don’t take it for granted. 


MooTri, Cairns 70.3


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