Nicki Montagnoli - Beyond The Medal Ambassador - New South Wales

Nicki Montagnoli - Beyond The Medal Ambassador - New South Wales

My name is Nicki, I am mum to 2 year old Hope and wife to Alan. I love to run, exercise and keep fit in general! I run for myself, my health, for my sanity, to inspire my daughter and others around me. 

 Nicki Montagnoli_NSW_Beyond_The_Medal_Ambassador

I work for myself inspiring healthy living around the world through an online health program. I am currently studying nutritional medicine as this is a big passion of mine and I have my certificate III in fitness with plans to take this to certificate IV once I have completed my nutrition studies! 

I haven't always been so into fitness, I have a long history of illness & weight, but have learnt that healthy is a journey not a destination and since embracing this I feel I am a great role model.

 I started running in 2011, after a period with illness where I could barely walk without pain, so when I started running I felt free! My first race was City2Surf in 2011, I trained hard for it and then got glandular fever, but it didn't stop me, I still did the run and finished it! I have continued to run the city2surf every year since with the exception of 2013.

Nicki Montagnoli_NSW_Beyond_The_Medal_Ambassador

I joined Running Mums Australia after Hope's birth and it has really been a great place of support and inspiration. My most memorable event was my first half marathon in 2014 at the Blackmores Sydney Festival, it was hard, but I loved every second of it. I never gave up, set myself a baseline which I smashed 30 mins off in 2015.

My inspiration are my family, especially my little girl. I want her to grow up with exercise as the norm so she has a long healthy life. She loves to exercise with me and is a great cheerleader spurring me on to push myself harder when I feel tired. 






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City2Surf, Blackmores Half Marathon 


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