Kelly Evans - Beyond The Medal Ambassador - Brisbane Queensland

Kelly Evans - Beyond The Medal Ambassador - Brisbane Queensland

Hi, my name is Kelly and I have lost 89kg through nutrition (Eat Me Nutrition) and exercise.

 Kelly _ Beyond The Medal Ambassador

In October 2014 I completed my first 5km Color run with a combination of running/walking & crawling. Since then I haven't stopped. 

I followed up with my local parkrun and I run with a local club called Girls Run This Town [GRTT]. 

I progressed from 5km to 10km and by the end of 2015 I had completed 4 half marathons.

I love running, I love the way it makes me feel, I love the feel of flying. Its as if for that one moment I am free.

 Kelly at TwilightKelly BTM Ambassador

















I am an eternal optimist, I always see the good in any situation. I caught this running bug, All aboard the Crazy Train!

2016 GOALS

Kelly has some BIG ASS GOALS this year, competing in her first marathon and 50km ultra.


International Womens Day Fun Run, Gold Coast Airport Marathon 42.2km, BLACKALL 100


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