Kath Jones - Beyond The Medal Ambassador - Warwick, Queensland

Kath Jones - Beyond The Medal Ambassador - Warwick, Queensland

Hi, my name is Kath. So many people say "running is their therapy", but for me, this is absolutely true.


At a time I had lost myself in motherhood, and my confidence was at an all time low, running became the one thing in my life that reminded me I WAS ME somewhere inside.

What started with baby steps in the Operation Move Learn to Run Course, and brief … brief…brief intervals of 30 secs running and 1 min trying to remember how to breathe led to running my first half marathon at the Gold Coast a year later.

I will never be a fast runner - my method is very much keep on plodding and get the job done. But I am out there. I am out there pounding the pavement to drive my anxiety into the ground with every step. To give me the breathing room to parent again later that day. To remember I can and I will do things people will never dream of.

My inspiration are my friends, they believe in me and fully expect me to get the job done. They know I doubt but they know I will finish anyway.

 Kath_Beyond The Medal Ambassador_Queensland

My most memorable event is the Schnitzel Run! A completely free loosely run event - you follow the chalk markings and end up at the Brisbane German Club - but it was memorable because it was with friends - it was SO much fun and I felt so free!

 Little Beyond The Medal Ambassador

Running is a gift. It truly has opened up the door to adventure for me. With my family and my sole sisters beside me - I can do anything :)


Q1 stair climb, Twilight Run, Warwick Pentath, Glow Worm, Half Trail Marathon, Twilight Bay Run, Sandgate Sunset Relay


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