Julia Church - Beyond The Medal Ambassador - South Australia

Julia Church - Beyond The Medal Ambassador - South Australia

My name is Julia and I am a forty year old mother of three girls and I started running four years ago when I was borderline morbidly obese and tired of being unable to keep up with the kids.

I am not a fast runner and because of this I run mostly alone. I can usually be found at the back of the pack, but I will always have a smile on my face as I'm bringing the party home.

Since I started running I have lost over 30kg and run numerous 5km and 10km races.

In 2014 I ran 7 half marathons in 7 months in a personal challenge that took me to my physical limits and I have completed one full marathon in August last year where I came last in a time of 6:10:22.

I am currently in training for my dream race, the Virgin London Marathon. 


Semaphore Coastal Marathon Festival Half Marathon, Bay to City 12km,

Virgin Money London Marathon, Le Fevre Coastal Half Marathon, Adelaide Half Marathon, City to Bay, McLaren Vale Half Marathon












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