Jess Symons - Beyond The Medal Ambassador - South Australia

Jess Symons - Beyond The Medal Ambassador - South Australia

Hi, my name is Jess. My love of running is relatively new. I was overweight up into my early teenage years when I made some drastic lifestyle changes.

Jess_BTM Ambassador 

I started running in 2013 by following the c25k app after the birth of my twin daughters, I was quickly hooked to running.

I completed my first event in 2014, a local 10km event. It wasn't fast but I did it! I love the sense of achievement and self-belief running brings.

We welcomed our third and final daughter into the world in June 2015.

I am currently training for my first half marathon in April 2016. I am loving the journey so far and am very excited to see where I can go this year!

 Jess Running

I run for the freedom, mental balance and my health, as well as the sense of pride and achieve it gives me pushing my limits.

I am a member of Running Mums Australia (RMA), an amazing group of fellow Mums who uplift and inspire each other to reach their personal goals.

I try my very best to not compare myself with other runners. We are all on our own journey, reaching for our own goals. You are only ever competing against yourself.


Salisbury Amateur Athletics Club Half Marathon, Adelaide Mother's day Classic , Barossa Marathon Running Festival, Adelaide Marathon Festival ,McLaren Vale, Half Marathon, Henley Classic


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