Carin McCoy - Beyond The Medal Ambassador - Melbourne

Carin McCoy - Beyond The Medal Ambassador - Melbourne


My name is Carin McCoy and I am proud to be a Beyond The Medal Ambassador

"My running started 6 years ago after the birth of my two sons."

We had spent time in the Childrens hospital with both  children over different periods of time and I heard about a fundraiser fun run "Run for the Kids".  

I had never run before, never had the confidence or what i thought was a ‘runners body’ but after putting myself out of my comfort zone and training I ran my first ever event at Run for the Kids and not only had i caught the running bug, my life was about to change.    

My children and myself are diagnosed with a genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). It is a connective tissue disorder that manifests itself with extremely fragile skin and hyper mobile joint.  This comes with many challenges and I knew the moment they were born that i had to step up and be a role model for them. I had to show them that EDS wouldn’t stop us and show them how important exercise is for us in particular.  

Since then i have ran in numerous 5kms, 10kms, 15kms, 3 Half marathons, stadium stomps and 2 triathlons.  

I hope I am the encouragement people need if they think that perhaps their body isn’t suited to exercise or that only a certain size/shape can be an athlete. Everyone is worth it. And i want everyone to know and reach their potential. I am proud to be a Body Positive Athlete.

 I am part of 2 fabulous inspiring groups Running Mums Australia and Body Positive Athletes."

2016 EVENTS 

Carin has completed the Pink Triathlon in Melbourne,  Melbourne Run for the Kids and will be competing in the Melbourne Stadium Stomp, Run Melbourne and Melbourne Marathon
Carin at R4K Melbourne 2016









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