Bec Frisina, Beyond The Medal Ambassador, Western Australia

Bec Frisina, Beyond The Medal Ambassador, Western Australia

My name is Bec Frisina. I started running in 2011 after the birth of my second son. I had weight to lose, a newborn and a toddler that needed to sleep (but refused) and a mumma that needed to get out and breath some fresh air, so I bought a double pram and off I went, never looking back!!

Bec Frisina


In 2015 I joined RMA (Running Mums Australia), a supportive online running community who have members  in all states and meet up at organised events, I love it, so many good tips and words of encouragement! 

My most memorable event so far would be completing the half marathon in the Perth City 2 Surf , I have never been involved in an event of that size before , it was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to do it again the support out there was unreal! 

The reason I run is for fitness and for me, it gets me out, keeps me fit and gives me time on my own to think. 

I am inspired by anyone who decides to get out there and move, any age, any fitness, just taking that first step sometimes can be the toughest.

Bec Frisina Beyond The Medal Ambassador

2016 EVENTS 

These are all penciled into my diary, but a couple are pending finding babysitters

Swan Twilight (West Australian Marathon Club), Asics Bridges Fun Run, Mother's Day Classic, HBF Run For a Reason, Perth Women's Classic, Swan River Run, Perth City 2 Surf, Peninsula Run (WAMC), City Beach Run (WAMC).


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