Beyond The Medal Ambassadors

Beyond The Medal Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors I have chosen for you are an amazing bunch of women doing extraordinary things.  Perhaps with the events they do, but more importantly with the life that they lead. 

2016 Beyond The Medal Ambassadors

We had such an overwhelming response and it was so difficult to choose but I think you would agree that these girls are all amazing.

The have all graciously agreed to share their stories and from time to time write race recaps and provide product reviews.  I hope you enjoy reading their stories as much as I have enjoyed getting to know them.  In no particular order I would like to introduce you to 


Name: Carin McCoy

Lives: Melbourne, Victoria

Started Running: 6 years ago after the birth of her two sons

Groups Involved in: Running Mums Australia & Body Positive Athletes

"I am proud to identify as a Body positive athlete"

At Beyond The Medal we think Carin is pretty amazing and is such a positive role model for her children in somewhat difficult circumstances and inspires women of all shapes, sizes and fitness to be the best they can be

Read more about Carin here 



Name: Rhiannon Mulhearn

Lives: Gold Coast Queensland

Started Running: In 2011 after the birth of her daughter

Groups Involved in: RK Pod, and Running Mums Australia and Trail Chix

"I dedicate all my runs to Addy, who has dup15q syndrome and severe autism and cannot run #irun4addy"

At Beyond The Medal we think Rhiannon is an absolute inspiration and we look forward to seeing her achieve her 2016 goals

Read more about Rhiannon here  



Name: Bec Frisina 

Lives: Kalamunda, Western Australia

Started Running: in 2011 after the birth of her second son

Groups Involved in: Running Mums Australia 

"The reason I run is for fitness and for me, it gets me out, keeps me fit and gives me time on my own to think",

At Beyond The Medal we think Bec is pretty amazing she also writes a blog and is competing in over 10 events this year

Read more about Bec here


Name: Danielle McLaren (Dani)

Lives: Melbourne, Victoria

Started Running: Got back into running in 2014 after the birth of her daughter and a knee reconstruction

"Don't be affraid to dream big as if you work hard you will achieve anything"

At Beyond The Medal we think Dani is pretty special. She run for the victims and survivors of domestic abuse and raises awareness for Bravehearts. She has raised over $11,000 which provides counselling sessions to children who had been abused

Read more about Dani here 


Jess Symons Beyond The Medal Ambassador

Name: Jess Symons

Lives: Melbourne, Adelaide, South Australia

Started Running: 2013

Groups Involved in: Running Mums 

"I try my very best to not compare myself with other runners. We are all on our own journey, reaching for our own goals. You are only ever competing against yourself"

At Beyond The Medal we think Jess is pretty amazing with 3 children under the age of 3 (one set of twins) she is competing in her first half marathon in 2016

Read more about Jess here


Julia Church Beyond The Medal Ambassador

Name: Julia Church

Lives: Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Started Running: 2012

"I am not a fast runner and because of this I run mostly alone. I can usually be found at the back of the pack, but I will always have a smile on my face as I'm bringing the party home"

At Beyond The Medal we think Julia is pretty awesome having lost over 30kg since starting running, and wish her luck in her dream race the 2016 London Marathon

Read more about Julia here


Kath's profile

Name: Kath Jones

Lives: Warwick, Queensland

"I will never be a fast runner - my method is very much keep on plodding and get the job done"

At Beyond The Medal we think Kath is pretty amazing.  Like most of us, she is inspired by family and friends to do what most people can only dream of doing

Read more about Kath here


Kelly Evans Beyond The Medal Profile

Name: Kelly Evans

Lives: Brisbane, Queensland

Started Running: 2014

Groups Involved in: parkrun & Girls Run This Town

"I love running, I love the way it makes me feel, I love the feel of flying. Its as if for that one moment I am free"

At Beyond The Medal we think Kelly rocks!  She has lost a whopping 89kg and her big ass goals for 2016 are her first full marathon and 50km ultra

Read more about Kelly here



Nicki Beyond The Medal Ambassador

Name: Nicki Montagnoli

Lives: Sydney, New South Wales

Started Running: 2011

Groups Involved in: Running Mums Australia 

"I haven't always been so into fitness, I have a long history of illness & weight, but have learnt that healthy is a journey not a destination and since embracing this I feel I am a great role model"

At Beyond The Medal we think Nicki is awe inspiring, she inspires healthy living around the world through an online health program

Read more about Nicki here 



Nicki Tisdale Beyond The Medal Ambassador 

Name: Nicki Tisdale

Lives: Northern Territory

Started Running: I have been right into my fitness for the last decade, only really been into the long distance running for about 6 years now.

Groups Involved in: Running Mums Australia & a Local Darwin Triathlon Club

"We all have days where we just cannot train, but if you want something bad enough, you’ll make it happen"

At Beyond The Medal we think Nicki is amazing!! a PT by trade and an ultra runner and a mum to boot...Where does she find the time?!

Read more about Nicki here 


Beyond The Medal Ambassador Queensland

Name: Rochelle Vaisanen

Lives: Brisbane, Queensland

Started Triathlons: 2013

Groups Involved in: Running Mums Australia & a Local Darwin Triathlon Club

"I was the occasional runner, hadn't swum since school (except floating around the crystal clear, blue waters of the Aegean coast), and had only ridden city cruiser bikes with big bells *ding ding*"

At Beyond The Medal we think Rochelle is amaze balls! She was diagnosed with breast cancer which put her ironman dreams on hold. Being fit, healthy and active prior to the diagnosis gave her the upper hand when facing treatment. Now, with treatment behind her she is in training for Ironman Cairns 70.3

Read more about Rochelle here


2017 Applications for Beyond The Medal Ambassadors will open in January 2017

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