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Your Injured? Now What?


Author Carin McCoy, Beyond The Medal Ambassador

I remember my brave Husband once alluding to the fact that perhaps there should be a 'place' where all injured runners could be sent until they recovered. Perhaps a deserted Island? A padded Cell? A Boxing ring? A brave statement to make to his injured wife

Huh?! Funnily enough he never brought it up again!

Injured Runner may bite

For those of you that Run, you have probably on a few occasions stared(*glared) at your Physiotherapist/Doctor and muttered the words “So, give it to me....can I run?”. No matter what the injury or illness, this statement seems to creep to the forefront of our minds. We forget about being upset about the trauma to our body and instead fixate on OMG did someone say NO RUNNING?!

I get it. Running is your 'thing'. Its your happy, your sad, your space, your freedom, your strength and it can become your therapy.

So, What do you do when you get Injured?

Well firstly I prescribe a giant Hissy Fit. I'm talking one that can out scream any 3 year old child.

Hiss Fit

Then, tell everyone in a loud manic voice that 'I AM INJURED'.

Secure a INJURED RUNNER banner to your back, front and side. Avoid all desires to run down people happily running in the street.


Now once you have finished with all these perfectly rational suggestions you might like to :

Talk with your healthcare provider and see what exercises you can do. Now I know, I hear you say...but its not running. Open and strengthen your mind. Be adaptable in your sport. Be strong when things don't go as planned and get creative in meeting your goals.

For me Pilates was something other people did. I was always to chicken to give it a go. I was also becoming aware that it was something that could strengthen me and get me through this injury. Hell, I might even enjoy it? So, I bit the bullet and 10 weeks ago, signed up to class and have been going to Pilates twice a week. What happened? I learnt a hell of a lot about my body. The different way to turn on and isolate muscles and I gained a lot of strength. The focus on stabilising and strengthening my muscles leaves me feeling strong and like I am moving forward. Bonus!

Another reminder is to be strong and remember there is ALWAYS exercise you can do and that will be of benefit, not only in your rehab but in your overall fitness. Draw on those positives, let your injury teach you how to face challenges.

Find the right trainer! Someone that is adaptable and positive and that will bring your a program that keeps you challenged.

Ever tried Boxing?


Its been a life saver for me. A sense of empowerment like nothingelse when you step into the boxing ring. Swimming? Weights? Tabata? Group Fitness Classes? Yoga?

Shift your focus from what your body can't do and what it can do at the moment. That minor setback you are dealing with right now, let it fuel you and lead to your comeback.

A quote that resonates with me and is a timely reminder “ No Athlete is truly tested until they've stared an injury in the face and come out stronger than ever” (Unknown.)

Find out more about Carin McCoy here
Beyond the Medal Ambassador

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