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There's more to running than running!


Nicki TisdaleAuthor: Nicole Tisdale, Beyond The Medal Ambassador


Its been a rocky year for me and regards to racing events. 

My major one being the 100km UTA that was run on the 14th May.  I have trained long & hard since August last year to be able to confidentially compete in this race, passing up all local triathlons & my normal cross training social sessions.  Being a mother of a now near one year old (so yes I started to train pretty much straight after she was born) my training times consisted of a lot of early morning starts and long nights as I tried to fit in working, playing mum & wife and just general life. 

My days were arduous to say the least.  I had my good days and I had my really not so good ones (just ask my hubby he’ll tell you haha).  

In February I started to hit a major fatigue wall both physically & mentally that I just couldn’t seem to get past but I kept on training.  By March my husband decided I need to be dragged down to the Dr’s because, I quote “there is something that is just not right”.

Long story short I was diagnosed with pretty bad adrenal fatigue and I was living off 3 hours broken sleep a night for a while.  NOT COOL.  I was straight away put on a strict diet, supplement and rest regime.  As you all can imagine I was very antsy to get back into my running.  When I was finally allowed to run again (it was a 2 week rest) it was slow, it was painful and was not pretty but I was getting it done. 

The time of the race was drawing near so I was getting all my race gear organised, and was so excited when my compass turned up in the mail, things were getting real.  Fast forward to the week of the UTA and my daughter (11ish months of age) gets hit with a fever of 39+ and we have to go to ED.  My poor little baby who is a tiny little thing ends up with this fever for 7 days straight, on a drip and has to have dual antibiotics for 2 weeks. I missed my flights…I missed my race…My whole life focus for the last 10 months was missed, and I’d miss it all over again to be with my baby if she was that sick but it was sad still the same.

 The sense of loss after it all transpired was a bit daunting to say the least, I kind of wandered around aimlessly for a few weeks trying to find the motivation to do something, anything. 

Then along comes Darwin’s own City2Surf 12km fun run.  PERFECT!!!

So I packed Maggie and myself up at 530am, picked up my friend and off we went to start our day with an ‘easy’12km.   Well that was adventurous haha, the race started late, it was about a 100 degrees and  gazillion % humidity and the shade factor was zilch, nada, nothing, lucky I put the ice packs in my daughters pram for the just in case its hot moment.

Nicole finishing City2Surf

With lots of fussing & stopping, a few squashed bottles & spilled milk bottles, we finally crossed the finish line at 1:20, not the best time by any means but we were the 3rd pram over the line that morning and I was the first mum with a pram so I’m going to take it where I can.

Nicole crossing finish line

I ran most of the way with my champion of a friend who had only started running a year ago and she completed this race without stopping, her longest distance to date, I WAS SO DAMN PROUD.

It made me stop and think, this is what it’s all about, not just the PBs & the distance, but the friendships and the joy we receive from sharing our experiences of crossing that finish line. And of course the sore muscle debriefs the next day lol but this race rekindled my love of running and I’m so glad I got it done.

Well my lovelies enough from me, will keep you updated on my next adventure.Nicole Tisdale and friend

Find out more about Nicole here

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