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My Color Run 24

Ruby Pink Cat
Author: Ruby Pink Cat Age 5, Blogger Extroidinaire, Daughter of Rhiannon Mulhearn, Beyond The Medal Ambassador 


17 June 2016 - Gold Coast

When we first arrived to the Color Run, I was feeling a bit nervous and a bit shy and I was worried that the colours would hurt if they went into my eyes. Then we went and lined up in the starting area, where they were playing lots of music and we had to count down from 10 before we started the race.

 Counting down from 10

They were throwing out prizes into the crowd but I didn’t get one and that made me cry.

I was holding my mummy’s hand for most of the race.

First I went into the Pink zone. I was a bit nervous but at Orange, which was the next colour, I wasn’t nervous anymore.  I liked having the pink colour on my face. I rubbed my face onto Mummy’s top to get even more pink on me.

Before we got to the Orange zone, I got to sit in the middle of a giant letter H. The letters spelt out HAPPY.  It was as fun as the sun.


Ruby Happy at Color Run

Then at the Blue zone I wasn’t nervous either. And we got lots of colour on us here. Then we had Rainbow colours (which was a rainbow) and there were small bubbles here too.

 Then we got into the Snow Zone. There was lots of thick bubbles all over the ground and in the air, and I spent too much time in there all through the bubbles. I didn’t want my colour to come off in there but it did as the snow was wet bubbles.

Ruby Pink Cat in Color Run Bubbles

Then I went into some wet colours and I liked it but it was so cold and I felt heavy. And then we had to go all the way back to the finish line and then we were done.

I got my medal and then we got some dark colours. We then went to get some colours on us from the people on the stage and then it was time for us to go home.

 Ruby and Mum at Color Run

On the way back I had a tantrum because I didn’t get to do something that I really wanted to do. I didn’t get to open a locker where I could have got a prize and so I cried. But I ended up finding some things instead. I found a pair of glasses on the ground and a shiny ribbon and someone gave me a wrist band.

I had fun. The end. From Ruby Pink Cat. 


Ruby Pink Cat reeeelaxing

At Beyond The Medal we think Ruby Pink Cat is sooooooo Awesome, as is her Mum.

Read more about Beyond The Medal Ambassador Rhiannon Mulhearn here 

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