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Dream it, Believe in it, Do It


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Sunday 22nd May 2016 the 7th annual HBF Run 4 a Reason was held in Perth.


I’ve never participated in this particular run before and was excited about doing it.

Run for a Reason

Over the years this event has raised over 5 million dollars for over 170 local health related charities!  

"I’d entered in the 12km run which started at 8am. It was a cool 10 degrees and even though the grey skies above threatened rain the 30,000 plus crowd were not deterred, but were pumped and excited when the start gun went off".

The course started on the corner of William and Hay streets in the centre of Perth city and travelled towards Riverside Drive.

There were walkers mixed in with the runners so it took a fair while to get a running rhythm and the road was very slippery from overnight rain which made things a bit tricky.

We headed up along the Mitchell Freeway and right onto the Graham Farmer Freeway and into the tunnel. There was a bit of buzz and excitement from everyone entering the tunnel, but as time went on it was very hot, stuffy and seemed to go on forever! Coming out of the tunnel on the other side was such a relief, as the cool air hit my face it gave me a much needed burst to push on up the slight incline of Graham Farmer Freeway  and eventually turn right and head through Burswood park and run along the swan river. By this time I had well and truly found my pace and the running masses had well and truly thinned out.

Out of Burswood park we headed along the causeway towards the WACA (WA cricket ground) and towards Gloucester Park and into the finish chute.

There were loads of people gathered at Gloucester Park, but the organisers had everything well set out, with meeting points and refreshments well signed. It was an enjoyable run, nice weather and scenery and I REALLY enjoyed the multiple bands and music stations along the way. It was a slow and cruisy run for me and I certainly made no records or PB’s , but I ran it and didn’t stop so that is good enough for me. This year I am running for ME and learning to enjoy it again without putting distances or times against myself.

I will consider doing this run again next year as it was enjoyable, but the crowds and bottle necking are most definitely a put off, but have to be expected at events of this size! It was also really nice to receive some bling for a 12km event!

“Dream it, Believe in it, Do it! ”

Bec x


Find out more about Bec here

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