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The Power Behind The Race Number

Author: Carin McCoy, Beyond The Medal Ambassador 


To a lot of people these numbers merely represent kilometres measured over a distance, usually run in an race event.

To a lot of people these numbers represent a lot more.

Sometimes running is the only thing that makes sense, so those simple mile markers represent a lot more. Heartache, unanswered questions, pure joy, pure sadness, finding yourself, losing yourself, believing in yourself and the pure act of testing ones mental and physical spirit.

Ever stood at the finish line at a run event? Watch the faces of pure exhilaration, exhaustion & Joy. It is amazing to watch the face of someone who has given it their all, has taken the time to care about themselves and realised that their body is amazing and can do it. Nobody sees the early morning training runs in the freezing cold, the injuries, the hard work – you cant cut corners with running. Meeting those goals of reaching 5,10,21.1 or 42.2 can change the way a person sees themselves and the world around them. As the old saying goes, I dare you to run a marathon and not have it change your life.

There is a certain power behind those numbers printed on your medal . Everyone has a different story, a different struggle, a different motivator. Your greatest triumph might be from running your first 5km, or crossing the line of a 42.2km. I guarantee you wont want to take your medal or the smile on your face off.

The sore muscles the day after will be forgotten with the happiness and pride that you stuck at it and smashed your goal. Let's not forget the reminder that will come when you get the email notification that the good old race photos have arrived – I will admit that these can be a little scary haha.

You will have good races and you will have those races that you will probably want to forget, but always remember to wear your 'numbers' with pride.

Be Proud of YOUR Story.

Carin McCoy Beyond The Medal Ambassador
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