Ruby's First Ever Run Report - The Gold Coast Bulletin Fun Run – Beyond The Medal

Ruby's First Ever Run Report - The Gold Coast Bulletin Fun Run


 Ruby at Gold Coast Bulletin Fun Run


Author: Ruby, Age 5.  Daughter of Rhiannon Mulhearn, Beyond The Medal Ambassador

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The Gold Coast Bulletin Fun Run - 2.5km 17 April 2016


Note from Mum, Rhiannon - "I asked Ruby if she would like to write a race report about her 2.5km race for mummy's website and she said yes. She gets easily distracted and so she started telling me about the race and that quickly launched into something about a cat under a bed. Note, we don't have a cat. 

So I asked her if she would like me to write it for her and then she could read it and change whatever she wanted. When I read it to her she said "let me just add one more line and then it is good". She then added the last line"

I present to you Ruby's first race report!


Mummy asked me if I wanted to do a bigger race so that I could go to my best friend Layla’s birthday party on time. I felt very nervous but I said yes.

Ruby and Rhiannon Running Gold Coast Bulletin Fun RunWe went to the stadium and I saw my dance teacher from Ikin Dance there. We started to warm up our legs by stretching, I was copying mummy.

Then the race started. I was running very fast. We ran past some people that were cheering my name and they had a cowbell that was very cool.

I started to get very thirsty and didn’t want to run anymore. Mummy said we could walk for a little bit until we got to some water.

I was getting very very thirsty and got a stitch and I didn’t want to keep going but then we got to the turn around spot. Some very nice ladies on the side of the road were cheering for us and gave me one of their water bottles.

I had a very big drink of water and then I was able to run fast again.

I found a wish flower on the side of the road that I picked for Layla, but then I blew it myself.

Mummy said we had run over 2km and only had a little bit to go so we walked a little bit more so I had enough energy to go fast at the end.

We ran past the lady with the cowbell who cheered for us again.
Ruby Running The Gold Coast Bulletin Fun Run
I told mummy that we had to dance our way over the finish line as that is what I did as the model for the race.

But then when we got to the stadium and saw where we had to run into the stadium, I started to run really fast so I could beat mummy.

We ran past the pretty cheerleaders and then over the finish line and I got a medal.

Mummy said that this was the longest I have ever run.

I loved my biggest run!








Read more about Beyond The Medal Ambassador Rhiannon Mulhearn here

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