Run For Kids Race Recap - Carin McCoy – Beyond The Medal

Run For Kids Race Recap - Carin McCoy


Author: Carin McCoy, Beyond The Medal Ambassador 

Run For Kids


Standing in the starting chute for the Run for the Kids Fun Run has the ability to change everyones perspective in life.

All you need to do is have a look around at the beautiful children faces and names displayed on peoples posters and t-shirts to remind us of the fight some children have to go through. It makes your worries seem small and insignificant. It also ignites the fighter within you.

Carin, Beyond The Medal Ambassador at R4KMy lead up in training for Run for the Kids wasn’t ideal.A shin injury meant my training had been at a minimum and at a slow pace. Plus two days before the event my 6 year old son was in hospital. But I did know that it would take an awful lot for me not line up on Sunday morning. This meant more than a run.

Apart from the obvious reasons to support the RCH Run for the Kids Fun Run event, I mean can you think of a more worthy cause?! Having 2 young children who have a genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome means unfortunately we have spent a lot of time in hospitals. I know first hand the impact it can have on children, but also the positive impact good quality medical care can have on children at tough times. This event was also my first ever fun run. Back 6 years ago, and literally changed me life.

So when that starters gun went off early Sunday morning, was I ready? Ha. Probably Not. Was I going to finish? - Hell Yes. The plan was to take the first couple of kilometres easy. Slow my usual pace down by at least 30 seconds to let me body ease into it. That tactic was pretty easy to do as the crowds were so huge that running fast wasn’t going to happen anyway! I won't let, the first couple of kilometres were rough. But slowly my body adjusted and eased into it. I made sure I took it all in, slowing to read support messages for some special children and high fiving cheer squads. Some times its so much more than reaching a PB.

The camaraderie between runners on the day was inspiring and a true indication of the running community. People smiled, and encouraged you to keep going. I could see that this event was truly a healing process for some running parents of RCH patients.

A few times I felt the desire to stop, and perhaps jump on a tram and go for a hot drink, haha. But every time it got hard I thought of the courage my little son demonstrated at the hospital the previous days and I knew to keep pushing on.

It was emotional and a great feeling pushing through to the finish line with thousands of other runners. We were met by cheers and cameras flashing!

Ill be back next year R4K!


Read more about Beyond The Medal Ambassador Carin McCoy here 




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